Product: AdPlayer

Product Design: Dynamic Audio


To reach consumers for efficiently across all publishers, we created AdPlayer. AdPlayer is a revolutionary ad product that plays music right inside the banner ad and can be served across any ad network. As the Art Director, I helped build this product from the UI to the final execution.


As the Art Director of the design team, I've created all marketing materials for this product. From the demo visuals, ad specs, one sheets, and website.


For the demo, I selected Katy Perry's partnership with CoverGirl as the perfect example for AdPlayer. To promote her new album drop, Katy Perry and CoverGirl utilizes AdPlayer for their massive online event. The Artist and brand can reach their audience with integrations like countdowns, sweepstakes, shopping carts and more.


We ran our first AdPlayer campaign with Kenneth Cole. They promoted their new fragrance Mankind alongside "The Gentleman's Playlist" It ran across publishers like GQ and featured a radio style playlist with music curated to match the brand values. As the lead designer on this project, I created the creative for this campaign.

1:55 Time Spent


To showcase AdPlayer, we created a website to showcase all of its capabilities. As the Art Director and Lead Designer, I was involved throughout the entire project timeline, from wireframes, visual designs.