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Product Design: Dynamic Audio


The tried and true product, audio ad, is one of the oldest form of advertising. As well as being the least evolved. We saw an opportunity in this space and innovated a new way to reach a new, smarter, modern audience. With Dynamic Audio, we use the user's data to personalize each audio ad. Whether in the car, on TV, desktop or mobile, we provide personalized audio to match the user’s demographic and psychographic information enabled for programmatic ad serving.


As the Art Director of the design team, I've created all marketing materials behind this product. Designing illustrations, ad specs, one sheets, and the website.


We ran our first Dynamic Audio campaign with Terra's Kitchen. Terra’s Kitchen wanted to address a meal-planning audience with
personalized creative based on time of day and city. The audio creative allowed Terra’s Kitchen to explain how much time could be saved with their product by relating it back to a city-specific pain point, like traffic. I was the Art Director and lead designer on this project.

3X Higher click-through Rate (CTR)*

65% Cost savings on price-per-click (PPC)*

95% Total listen-through-rate (LTR)

*compared to brand's standard audio ad


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