Lunchspread Product



As the Co-Founder and Lead Designer on the team, I've been involved in the beginning of Lunchspread: branding, marketing, investment deck, product design, ux/ui, and product marketing.


the problem

Small, independent restaurants don’t have the budget to market their food

This leads to restaurants relying on passive online marketing like Groupon,
Yelp, Seamless, etc.: tools not built for restaurants



the solution

Create a customer database that the restaurants control.

Lunchspread is a marketing tool built for restaurants. Targeted direct marketing allows restaurants to market their product to their customers efficiently and effectively in three ways: Catering, walk-ins, residential delivery, and reservations. Currently we're focusing on our catering and walk-in tools. With these tools, restaurants have control over how they want to market their product and customers have the incentive of trying new restaurants.




Type System

Visual hierarchy, flexibility, and simplicity was the most important when choosing a font for Lunchspread. The font had to be practical and easy to use and read in all circumstances.



Color Story

Keeping the colors bright and happy were the main considerations when selecting the primary colors for Lunchspread and its many products. To keep all products cohesive and still fun, different hues and shades of yellow, blue, and grays are used consistently throughout Lunchspread.


visual/ui design

Website UI



Product Design

For both catering and walk-in tools, userflows, user stories and wireframes were designed to ensure all stakeholders were on the same page about each functionality. Below is a collection of different components that make up the tools.