F Sharp



As the Art Director and lead designer, I was involved in the re-branding process from start to finish. Re-designing the logo, brand system, brand positioning, and of course the website.






With my copywriter, I spent months researching the current company branding. Auditing all marketing materials, social media content, interviewing every employee and more.


Three Directions

After our months of research and brainstorming, we landed on one concept that truly represented us as a company: we are leaders. From this high level concept, we created three different directions: The Explorer, The Hero, and The Inventor.


Personas and Moodboards

To  present each direction to the CEO and executive staff of the company, we created a rough visual system, moodboard , and persona for each. From here, the final look was based off The Explorer, with hints of The Inventor.


Final Design




F Sharp Brand Mark

F Sharp is a digital music advertising startup. After 3 years in the industry, F Sharp decided it was time for a new look, a new strategy to tell the world that this company was ready to make waves in the ad tech space. Above is the re-designed logo, created to pay homage to the sharp sign as well as embrace our tech powered future.



Type System

Visual hierarchy and usability were the main considerations in choosing the new typefaces for F Sharp. The bold, richness of Bebas Neue and the modern, geometric qualities of Source Sans Pro were deemed perfect.



Color System

Simplifying the original color palette, the new color system uses a lot of white and grays with dramatic splashes of red to really draw the eyes to the content that matters. The color red captures the innovative, dynamic, passionate qualities that define F Sharp, the leader of the music advertising space. Each color was given musical names to tie them back to F Sharp's musical roots.


visual/ui design

Website UI



Website Design

Starting from scratch, the userflow of the website experience was re-structured to be more streamlined and straightforward. Photographs of musical experiences and circular motifs were used consistently throughout the site to represent F Sharp's musical expertise and ad tech experience.